Ok, so. I made some of these “fandom” scarf things but… a little bit differently as I’m not talented enough to come with up with super fabulous little icons and some fandoms don’t HAVE things which are translate-able to icons. So I came up with this goodies. I kind of went… insane on the ME ones and right now there is only a few fandoms but I imagine soon I will whip up some more. Future fandom wise there will possibly be The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones aanddd maybe some random celebs jus’ cause. 

Credit & Instructions.


AVENGERS { captain america, black widow, hawkeye, the hulk, iron man, loki & thor }

MASS EFFECT { aria, ashley williams, fem!shep, garrus varkarian, grunt, jack (subject zero), jeff “joker” moreau, kaidan alenko, kasumi goto, liara t’soni, miranda lawson, mordin solus, commander shepard, samara, tali vas normandy, thane kryos, the illusive man, james vega, urdnot wrex }

SHERLOCK { irene adler, jim moriarty, sherlock holmes, john watson }

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